Fun games for
Special Education
and Physiotherapy

Enhance your child’s motor, cognitive, and educational skills through interactive movement based games

WonderGames help in improving


  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Reaction Time


  • Sustained Attention
  • Speed of Information Processing
  • Multiple Simultaneous Attention
  • Working Memory
  • Pattern Recognition

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WonderTree grew by believing in the strengths of collaboration and partnerships. If we wanted to impact and change lives on a larger scale then we needed strong partnerships with educational institutes and hospitals. Since our advisory team consisted of top professionals and practitioners, the strategic alliances helped us introduce games that were focused on special education. This provided a whole new aspect to our organization’s mission and we started expanding more collaborative projects. We have successfully introduced WonderTree games through UNICEF, UNOPS, Abu Dhabi’s Educational Institute, and many more.

Why WonderGames are right for you

Movement based
PhysioTherapy & Learning

We use Augmented Reality to make our movement-based games interactive and fun. Using the principle of Mirror therapy, these games help accelerate the progress of the child

Realtime Progress
and Tracking

Measure and track your child’s progress after playing WonderGames through a personalized dashboard through various performance parameters

Usable at Homes,
Schools, everywhere

WonderGames need a laptop, a webcam and an internet connection to be played, thus downloadable at homes, schools, hospitals and many more places

Augmented Reality
and more

We are supported by an experienced and ingenious panel of child psychologists, special education teachers, parents, and therapists who provide counsel in making the games and the researches to back them

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Dr Tahir Rizwan

Private Practitioner

WonderTree has done an excellent job with mixing technology and physiotherapy. I am particularly a fan of its progress reporting where I am able to track child’s development and provide in-depth analysis of the day-to-day growth of their motor and learning skills