This augmented reality-based game is a fun-filled opportunity for children with special needs to develop their motor and cognitive skills. This game has been used to facilitate physiotherapy of children with motor difficulties.  

The game focuses on vestibular balance, proprioception, attention span, bilateral coordination and gross motor movement of the child. The in-built reporting feature tracks performance, upper and lower limbic movement and accuracy through the game. This makes it easier for the facilitator to measure progress of the child. 

The game consists of two parts: one that requires the player to balance the object on a log (from Level 1 to 5) and the other requires the player to catch the object on the log and drop it in the basket on the other side of the screen (from Level 6 to 10). As difficulty level increases with each level, the objects falling increase from one to two at a time. Each player has three lives during the game. The facilitator can use this game in creative ways, by providing a real-life object (for example, a book) to help the child orient themselves on the screen and balance easily.  

Download WonderTree platform to access Balance It through our website: https://wondertree.co/download-now/ 

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