All You Need To Know About IEP

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Individualized Education Program (IEP) incorporates details for instruction, support, and services required for children with special needs in schools. In other words, each IEP contains student’s assessments and accommodations, or modifications required in classroom instruction to meet the child’s needs.   

How Does IEP Benefit Children With Special Needs?  

IEP, which can be obtained from public schools, shows a complete evaluation of the child including their strengths and weaknesses. This helps schools create a plan tailored to the student’s needs. It helps the child get the individual attention for developing their skills. Additionally, the classroom teacher can also work with a special education teacher to plan intervention and teaching strategies for the child.   

IEP does not only cover academic goals instead, it also incorporates a plan for the development of functional skills. These include skills required to perform everyday tasks involving behavior, motor, communication, and social aspects.   

Accommodations provided to students with special needs may include providing them additional time for tests, working with special education teachers, providing speech-language therapies, or using assistive technologies.   

WonderTree provides Assistive technologies that can help teachers and parents cater to the needs of children with special needs. WonderTree provides augmented reality games to develop the motor, cognitive and language skills of the child. It is a great way to accelerate learning and development while also keeping the child motivated. Moreover, WonderGames also include an in-built reporting feature that helps teachers and parents track the progress of each child.   

The goals mentioned in IEP are specific and target certain skills and subjects taught in the class. Firstly, the plan should also mention how students’ progress will be measured. Secondly, the goals are time-bound and can be reviewed monthly or yearly and revised according to the progress of the student. Lastly, the teachers track progress and report it just like for other students in the classroom.   

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