Best Educational Games For Early Childhood Learners

The foundational benefit of educational games is quality education.

Lessons are easily, visually, and most importantly, interactively learned.

Educational games not only engage the children to educate, but kinesthetic games are movement-based games that also reduce their reaction time, improve hand-eye coordination, and increase their self-esteem.

Now the next time you see your little one playing a video game, know that some serious skills are being polished.

5 Best Educational Games To Support Early Childhood Learners.

1. Animal Jam.

What Makes It Great:

  • Delivers Zoology and Ecology lessons.
  • 160 million registered users.
  • Produced in collaboration with the National Geographic Society.

What’s in it for your child?

Your child will be getting more aware and concerned about the environment. And to realize this, he/she doesn’t have to sit through a boring lecture about global warming.

Instead, your young one learns it through a game. Educational games like these are a great way to civilize our young ones.

Available on: IOS, Android, and Computer.
Age: 6 – 12.

2. Start with Art!

What Makes It Great:

  • Deals with art as a language.
  • Engages your little one in meaning and messages in art.
  • One of the best kinesthetic games!

What’s in it for your child?

When a human communicates to another, it’s not only through words and body.

Instead, we use designs and colors to communicate messages. You are reminded of this every time you see a “Hazard” message in a red dialogue box.

In other words, this sense can be developed at an early age through educational games of this sort. Here, your little one is being taught the messages and meaning behind art.

Available on: IOS and Android.
Age: 7+

3. Captain Toad.

What Makes It Great?

  • Involves unique thinking.

What’s in it for your child?

Unique thinking is very crucial for your child. To stand out from the pack, they need a different and special approach but in a very sensible direction. Above all, educational games of this category and Captain Toad to be specific compel your child to solve unique puzzles and thereby learn new patterns.

Available on: Gamestop and Amazon.
Age: 5+.

4. Prodigy.

What Makes It Great?

  • Math-based role-playing.
  • Quest play.

What’s in it for your child?

Your child gets to develop mathematical skills. But, it can be too boring. So to beat that element out of the “equation”, Prodigy has included a quest play feature. What that means is your child can invite and play with his or her friends. Edu-tainment with educational games is what we call it.

Available on: IOS, Android, and Computer.
Age: 6 – 12.

5. Think Rolls.

What Makes It Great?

A puzzle game featuring topics like buoyancy, acceleration, gravity, and more.

What’s in it for your child?

This is a puzzle game, but the physics one. And the “Roll” in its name has actually got to do something with the game. So, what’s that?

The game teaches your kids about things like acceleration, gravity, buoyancy, and more.

Moreover, the best thing about it is that you won’t have to worry about where your child has landed accidentally, as there are no ads. The game doesn’t even need an internet connection!

Available on: IOS and Android
Age: 3-8.

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Educational Games: Why Not?

Educational games are essential for children these days. You can make learning fun for children by introducing them to kinesthetic games!

There is so much material and sources nowadays that we don’t need to rely on just teacher interaction.

Therefore, we can make learning fun for them and let our little ones enjoy and learn simultaneously. We can let them learn really essential topics like Zoology and buoyancy.

Above all, this will help them get civilized through quality education.



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