Fun games for
Special Education & Physiotherapy

Enhance your child’s motor, cognitive, and educational skills
through interactive movement based games

WonderGames help in improving


  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Reaction Time


  • Sustained Attention
  • Speed of Information Processing
  • Multiple Simultaneous Attention
  • Working Memory
  • Pattern Recognition

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Our Partners and Collaborators

At Wondertree, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing special education, and our commitment is unparalleled. We’ve carefully selected partners and collaborators with exceptional medical and special education expertise, enabling us to gamify therapeutic activities and enhance special education. These partnerships are the cornerstone of our mission to make a meaningful impact on your child’s life.

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Why WonderGames are right for you

Movement based
PhysioTherapy & Learning

We use Augmented Reality to make our movement-based games interactive and fun. Using the principle of Mirror therapy, these games help accelerate the progress of the child

Realtime Progress
and Tracking

Measure and track your child’s progress after playing WonderGames through a personalized dashboard through various performance parameters

Usable at Homes,
Schools, everywhere

WonderGames need a laptop, a webcam and an internet connection to be played, thus downloadable at homes, schools, hospitals and many more places

Augmented Reality
and more

We are supported by an experienced and ingenious panel of child psychologists, special education teachers, parents, and therapists who provide counsel in making the games and the researches to back them

Our Wonderful Community

We recognize the unique needs of your child and the importance of parental insights.
Which is why we involve medical professionals, gaming experts, and parents’ feedback in the creation of
WonderGames. We are dedicated to combining fun and growth to help your child reach their full potential.

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User Testimonials

_____________________________________________________________________________ John lee
_____________________________________________________________________________ John lee CEO
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David, a student with Down syndrome, struggled with understanding the alphabet. After playing WonderTree's educational games, David showed significant improvement in his understanding. His parents and teachers were thrilled to see his progress and the positive impact that WonderTree games had on his learning.
_____________________________________________________________________________ Fawzia Salahuddin
_____________________________________________________________________________ Fawzia Salahuddin
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Today was the first time I installed WonderGames and had my son, who is on the spectrum, play them and it was pure joy. The games are fun but more importantly thoroughly researched to provide max engagement with focus on attention, bilateral coordination and spatial reasoning
_____________________________________________________________________________ Bokor Eszter
_____________________________________________________________________________ Bokor Eszter
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I use WonderGames at my rehabilitation centre here in Hungary on stroke patients. I tried the demo and got encouraging results from our patients therefore I decided to make it a part of my therapy sessions. My patients really enjoy the games while reaping the motor and cognitive benefits of it

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