How do Augmented Reality Games Help Kids with Special Needs?

With the advances in technology, creative ways of learning are being implemented in classrooms to engage students. Augmented reality games are one such fun way for children to learn as it provides an immersive gaming experience. AR technology alters real-life settings and enhances it by computer-generated animations, sights, and sounds. Research on the use of AR in educational settings shows an increase in engagement and motivation levels in students.

The process of learning is much more fun for students when it is facilitated by games. The use of AR-based games can overcome the limitation of space and introduce objects in the environment that can make the experience much more interesting for children than real-life physical objects. Through mobile phones and computers, your children can have access to these interactive games which can create a fun personalized way of learning.

Augmented Reality technology can create different learning opportunities through phones and laptops that would otherwise not be possible logistically. For example, computer-generated environments of different locations in the world, in your own room!

The broad range of experiences that can be generated through AR-technology is limitless, broadening the imagination of your child and boosting their creativity.


Studies show that using AR-based applications in educational settings can increase the interaction of children and also improve their scores.[1] Research on the impact of AR-based applications on motivation and engagement levels of children have also shown positive results. [2]

WonderGames and Augmented Reality Games

WonderGames use AR-based games that facilitate cognitive, motor, language and social development of children with special needs. The games also consist of an in-built reporting system that can help parents and teachers track the progress of each child. Physiotherapists, psychologists, remedial teachers and parents can use WonderGames as a fun and engaging way to facilitate therapy and education for differently abled children.

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You can download WonderGames online through our website: https://www.wondertree.co/download-now/



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