Positivi-tea: Raising a child with Cerebral Palsy

“Chandni is a blessing from God to our family and her smile brightens up my day”  -Sunrose Sadiq, mother of Chandni.

Sunrose Sadiq shared her beautiful journey of raising Chandni. She met Chandni at an NGO and was mesmerized by how beautiful her smile was. Chandni had been living at this NGO for three years. She knew at that point that she wanted to adopt Chandni.

Chandni has Cerebral Palsy and Dystonia, which is a motor disability. Once Sunrose’s family had decided to adopt Chandni, they would bring her home for a few days in a week so she could gradually grow accustomed to a new environment, outside of the NGO. Her mother explained that the family received a lot of criticism and backlash from people for adopting someone with a disability. However, they never allowed negative remarks get in the way of giving Chandni all the love she deserves. After two years of continuous therapy she had started showing tremendous improvement in her motor skills development which gave her family hope.

Chandni’s family noticed how she loved having her pictures taken. Her mother explained how she loves posing in front of a camera. Her family decided to get a photoshoot done for Chandni and started searching for photographers in the city. To their dismay, they could not find anyone who would photograph a child who is unable to sit, walk or stand properly.

This is when they decided to start their initiative called The Mini Steps. The Mini Steps is their family initiative of an inclusive photography studio, to capture the beautiful smiles of differently abled children like Chandni. Every setback and criticism that they faced gave them more strength to work towards creating a better and inclusive environment for children with disabilities.

Chandni’s family had been looking for different ways in which they can work on her motor difficulties. They came across WonderGames and decided to try it out on Chandni for her motor development. Sunrose remarked on the effectiveness of these games in skills development and urged other parents to try them out for their children as well.

WonderGames target motor, cognitive, social and language development of children with special needs through augmented reality games. You can download WonderGames for free at: www.wondertree.co

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