Skills we develop

Skills we develop

WonderTree believes play can be a powerful tool to aid development in children of all abilities, which is why we’ve created WonderGames for you.
Our team of professionals has carefully designed a suite of games that target a wide range of cognitive, motor, and educational skills.
Our goal is to ensure that every child, regardless of their developmental milestone,benefits from WonderGames and most importantly – has fun in the process. WonderGames incorporate fun into every step of your child’s journey, facilitating the enhancement of their skills. 

Development of WonderGames: our design process and skill selection

Our design process involves extensive research, testing, and feedback from both experts and children. We use a combination of evidence-based practices and innovative ideas to create games that are not only effective but also engaging and fun.

To determine which skills to target in each game, we rely on our team’s expertise and the latest research in child development. We also consider feedback from parents and therapists to ensure that our games are meeting the needs of the children who use them.
With WonderGames, your child can reach their full potential while enjoying themselves. Say goodbye to boring activities and hello to WonderGames!

To learn more about which of the Cognitive, motor and educational skills WonderGames develop, click below!

Acquisition and refinement of knowledge

Improvement of physical movements

Refinement of mental processes

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