Virtual‌ ‌Reality‌ ‌Enhances‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Child’s‌ ‌Cognitive‌ ‌Ability

What Do You Think When You Hear ‘Virtual Reality Games‘?

You might envision a child having fun while flailing his arms – and head- around, staying oblivious to the environment around them. Perhaps even knocking over some fragile objects. Thoughts about its positive benefits on the cognitive abilities of your child will be far from your imagination.

However, it is not that surprising to realise that the latter is actually true.

In this post, we will dive a little deep into the development of your child’s brain and look at some of the cognitive developments your child is going through while playing games that use Virtual Reality!

What is the Connection between Virtual Reality Games and Cognition?

According to the theory of 4E cognition, dynamic interaction through physical and social interactions truly makes up cognition. Here, ‘4E’ refers to the four ‘Es’ of cognition: embodied cognition, embedded cognition, enactive cognition, and extended cognition.

It’s crucial to understand why virtual reality games aid in cognitive development because VR offers a dynamic environment to interact and learn from. Exactly how beneficial it is? Read on to understand that!

Virtual Reality: The Cognitive Benefits On Your Child’s Brain.

Virtual Reality has cognitive benefits for your child. So, does that mean that as you watch your kids play, you watch them develop and acquire some skills? Yes, that is precisely what it means. Without further ado, let’s dive in and see exactly how!

Overall Better Mobility and Cognition:

Virtual reality games are not just about putting a device on your eyes like glasses; it’s about changing what you see around you.

Now, you as an adult may worry about the glass table near you while using the Virtual Reality Goggles on you, but not your little one.

Your child goes all out when it comes to playing virtual reality games, physical games, board games, or any other video game. And that is what is important!

So, what’s the benefit of your child going all out on that VR game? Well, it enhances the ability of your child to balance. You can think of it as a better and improved mind-muscle connection.

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Spatial Attention and Cognition:

This is just like sharpening the brain for your young ones. When it comes to playing VR games, they tend to enhance the spatial attention of your young ones.

But, what is spatial attention exactly? Spatial attention is basically visual attention that involves directing attention to a specific location in space, thus SPATIAL.

Children who play Virtual Reality Games have improved spatial attention. This means that they have a better ability to locate targets.

But now, you might ask, well, what’s the purpose? If you want your child to become a more focused and stronger version of themself, you have to let them play, explore, and sharpen their “brain”, if you will.

Focus, Attention, and Flexibility and Cognition:

One of the most practical skills necessary in personal and professional life is the ability to switch between tasks.

The ability to switch between tasks that require most of your attention and present you with conflicting demands is the ability that is just as important as it is hard to learn.

However, what we should remember is that it’s not impossible. We all have learned it one way or the other. Today, VR is the new way to learn this skill.

When children play Virtual Reality games, their flexibility to perform tasks of conflicting nature increases. Now, if they keep practising it moderately, the chances of getting better at this skill are pretty fair.

Seeing You Off…

The world around us is moving forward, and there is barely a need to stick to the conventional methods for development and growth.

Virtual Reality is a fun way to engage your child in an exercise that doesn’t feel like it in the first place.

Your child may only know that they are playing; they don’t know that they are practising and acquiring some essential skills needed in life to thrive professionally and personally.

Make sure that your child doesn’t stay behind. Connect them to virtual reality, connect them to growth.

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