WonderGames in the times of Corona

A spectre is haunting the world, a spectre called the coronavirus. Where it has paralyzed all the systems of the world, life has ceased to exist as we knew it. COVID-19 has affected everyone’s lives, be it a student at home or a multinational CEO.

This may be our new normal for quite a long time and in order to survive through it, we need to follow the SOPs and maintain social distancing, so the fatality rate doesn’t grow.

One of the most affected demographics of COVID-19 is the people with disabilities who already are very marginalized and disenfranchised. Shocking is the report by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics that there are 3,286,630 people with disabilities but only 1 trained psychologist or psychiatrist for every 230,000 of them. Lack of resources, infrastructure, trained individuals, and multiple other factors contribute to this depraved situation. And now with therapy centers closed, children with disabilities do not have many resources to continue with their everyday routine.

Clearly a new methodology of thinking is required to address this challenge, and this is exactly what WonderTree aims to do by providing a viable and affordable solution in form of WONDERGAMES. An augmented reality gamification solution that engages children on the various spectrum of disabilities through assistive therapy for their therapeutic and cognitive development using the concept of mirror therapy. The best part? THEY CAN BE DOWNLOADED AND PLAYED AT HOME. You do not need to leave your house and follow complete SOPs for coronavirus while getting the most fun and exercise via WonderGames.

WonderGames are a set of over a dozen games that focus on multiple faculties such as hand-eye coordination, upper limbic and lower limbic movement, decision making, vestibular balance, and much more. These games are free for the first month and then for very nominal fees they can be subscribed monthly or yearly.

The ultimate goal of WonderTree is to develop an effective platform that can be used for education, rehabilitation, and therapy of special children hence the creation of WONDERGAMES through which they will be able to improve their motor skills, functional skills, and cognitive skills. So download and play with your children at home today!

The games can be download from here: https://wondertree.co/download-now/

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