Redefining Special Education with Augmented Reality Games

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Cognitive Skills

WonderTree games are working on enhancing cognitive and meta cognitive processing like sorting, focus, attention span, decision making etc.

Motor Skills

The games are designed to develop motor skills which includes motor planning and motor coordination like hand-eye coordination, midline cordination, bilateral cordination, gripping and holding.

Functional Skills

These games help children develop functional skills like social play, ADL skills like walking, making simple requests and language etc.

Learning made fun with WonderTree Games

Our games are more than regular entertainment games they provide learning and health care facilities too. These skill building games can help a child develop his motor, cognitive and functional skills.

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The best part about our games is it's accessibility. They are simple to use and download. This makes it a must have tool to have at home.


Games are a powerful medium to teach and learn. Kids find games and fun hard to resist and it makes their learning easy.


Clinics are not a no-go area for kids anymore. How? Because every kid loves fun and playing, that's what we have done to therapy. We have gamified it.

How it Works

Wondertree has developed a gaming platform that promotes learning and therapy through games. The games are for kids with differing needs with ages of 5 and up with easy to personalise content for a kid's varying needs. The platform has learning content and therapeutic exercises in form of games. These games use AR technology which makes it efficient yet cost effective. Also they are easy to download and play and comes with a reporting system. Every time a kid plays the game the system measures the performance and issues a detailed report for it.

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